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Unleash the Thrill: Welcome to Bogathon – Ireland’s Muddiest Obstacle Course! Get ready to experience the ultimate adventure where fun, challenge, and camaraderie collide. Bogathon offers a 4.5km obstacle course set on a 10-acre site, designed to push your limits and test your fitness, mental strength, and teamwork. Conquer military-inspired obstacles like slides, climbing ropes, and treacherous bogholes, guided by our trained instructors who provide unwavering support and motivation. Conveniently located in Erril, County Laois, Bogathon is easily accessible from major cities, offering tailored experiences for groups while prioritizing safety and compliance. Dive into the mud, embrace the thrill, and create unforgettable memories at Bogathon – Ireland’s premier bog obstacle course!


The Bogathon is a fun but challenging 4km to 7km mud run.


Anytime, just need to book in advance and we’ll confirm everything else.


Lisduff Adventure Farm, Lisduff, Errill, County Laois, Ireland.


Minimum cost of €500 per group of up to 20 participants. €25 for each extra participant above 20.


A Bogathon event can offer a wide range of benefits for your club, school or organisation making it a challenging and enjoyable activity for everyone in your group.

It’s Fun!

The primary reason for participating in Bogathon is the enjoyment it brings to participants. Engaging in fun activities helps boost morale and enthusiasm within your club, school or organisation, fostering a positive and energetic atmosphere.

Team Building.

Bogathon activities often require participants to work together to overcome challenges and obstacles. This fosters camaraderie and teamwork. Building strong interpersonal relationships can have a lasting impact on the group dynamics, enhancing cooperation and collaboration in future activities within a club school or workplace.


The physical nature of Bogathon events provides an excellent opportunity for participants to engage in physical exercise and outdoor activities. This can contribute to improved fitness levels, overall health, and well-being. It also encourages a healthy and active lifestyle among club, school or within organisations.

For All Capabilities.

One of the great advantages of Bogathon is that it can be adapted to accommodate participants of various skill levels and physical capabilities. This inclusivity ensures that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can join in the fun and challenge themselves at their own pace.

Something Different!

The Bogathon course offers a unique and unconventional experience that can break the monotony of regular club, school or organisational activities. It introduces participants to new challenges and environments, promoting personal growth and a sense of adventure.

Can Go Towards Completing Your GAISCE Awards for students.

Participation in the Bogathon can be a valuable contribution to completing the GAISCE Awards program. It allows participants to fulfil the requirements for the physical recreation component while enjoying a unique and memorable experience.

Running the Bogathon course can bring a wide range of benefits to your club, school or organisation, from fostering teamwork and physical fitness to providing an opportunity to earn GAISCE Awards. Additionally, its inclusive and fun nature makes it an exciting and memorable activity that can help create a positive and dynamic atmosphere within your group.

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