Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

By accepting these Terms & Conditions, I agree that the organiser, Bogathon, is not liable for any personal injury or any other accident that may cause injury to me. In case of injury or illness, I give my consent to emergency transportation and the administration of first aid and medical treatment.

  1. Group Booker Declaration

I acknowledge, that as Group Booker, it is my responsibility to ensure that all group members sign a waiver provided by email. It is my responsibility as Group Booker to make all the participants in my group fully aware of the risks associated with taking part and to pass on any important information from Bogthon about the event to them. I agree that Bogathon is not liable for any personal injury or any other accident that may cause injury to me or any participant in my group. In case of injury or illness to me or any of the participants in my group, I give consent to emergency transportation and the administration of first aid and medical treatment.

  1. Refunds

Your registration is secured upon completion of the online purchase. As this purchase is for a specific event on a specific date, unfortunately you are not entitled to a refund in the case you cannot attend.

  1. Event Rescheduling Policy

Our events take place all year round and go ahead within the reasonable weather expectations of Ireland. As everyone is aware though, there is the potential for extreme or severe weather and therefore we have an Event Rescheduling Policy if the conditions are very bad. Our aim is to do all we can to make your experience as enjoyable and safe as possible. If though we deem weather conditions to be potentially hazardous and unsafe for participants, we reserve the right to postpone and reschedule the event for an alternative date to maintain competitor safety. Where possible, our policy is to postpone an event NO LATER THAN 9PM on the night beforehand and our decision about postponing an event is final.

In the case of a postponement, we will be in touch directly with the Group Booker. You will then have the option of switching your registration to the new rescheduled date.

Bogathon is not liable for any costs incurred by participants resulting from the postponement and rescheduling of an event, such as accommodation, transport etc.

  1. Minimum Number of Participants

To make a booking for a Bogathon event, a minimum of 20 participants is required for each booking.

  1. Payment via Stripe:

All payments for Bogathon bookings must be made via the Stripe payment platform. Booker is responsible for providing accurate payment information and ensuring that sufficient funds are available.

  1. Confirmation Email:

After successful payment, the booker will receive a confirmation email containing important event details, including the date, time, location, and a booking reference number. It is the booker’s responsibility to review this email for accuracy and contact us if there are any discrepancies.

  1. Participant Email Addresses:

The booker must provide a list of participant email addresses when making a booking. It is the responsibility of the booker to obtain consent from participants to share their email addresses with Bogathon for communication purposes.

  1. Participant Age and Accompaniment:

Participants must be a minimum of 8 years old to participate in Bogathon. Children under 5 feet in height must have an adult accompanying them during the event.

  1. Participant Waiver:

Upon booking confirmation, each participant listed by the Group Booker will receive an email with a Bogathon Disclaimer and Waiver. Participants under the age of 18 must have their waiver signed by an adult/guardian. Participants (or if the participant is under the age of 18, their parent/legal guardian) are required to read, understand, and sign this waiver electronically before participating in the Bogathon event.

The waiver includes acknowledgment of the inherent risks involved in Bogathon activities, including but not limited to slipping, falling, climbing obstacles, crossing water and mud obstacles, and other physically demanding activities. Participants must certify their physical health and fitness for participation and confirm they are not under the influence of any substances that may affect their ability to participate safely.

  1. Photography Consent:

In addition to the waiver, participants will have the option to agree or disagree with photography and video consent. By agreeing, participants grant Bogathon permission to use their images and videos captured during the event for promotional and marketing purposes. Participants may modify their consent at any time by contacting Bogathon.

  1. Personal Accident Insurance Cover.

As every participant has different insurance needs, it is the decision and responsibility of each participant to ensure they are fully covered in accordance with their specific requirements when participating in a Private / Team Building Event. We strongly recommend that each participant has their own Personal Accident Cover in the unlikely event of getting injured.

  1. Physical Condition of Participants

Before taking part Bogathon recommends that you contact a medical professional to make sure that it is appropriate for you. We recommend that all participants with health-related concerns visit their local GP for a health check-up before participating. All participants do so at their own risk. Bogathon urges Team Leaders and Group Managers to instruct their members to seek appropriate medical advice prior to signing up or participating in such an event.

  1. Infectious Diseases

Our events take place a working farm, which is home to a wide variety of plants and animals, both domestic and wild. As the course involves running through ponds and rivers and other natural terrain, Bogathon encourages all participants to know the symptoms of Infectious Diseases, especially Weils / Leptospirosis Disease. This is an acute, infectious disease spread by infected wild and domestic animals. If you develop any symptoms after the event you should see a medical professional immediately. By accepting these Terms & Conditions, you agree to the risks associated with running through the natural habitat of these plants and animals. Bogathon does not accept liability for any illness contracted – everyone takes part at their own risk.

  1. General Rules

Bogathon is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property while in or on the premises, car parks or other areas within the vicinity of the event. We advise participants and spectators to wear appropriate footwear and clothing for the event, taking into consideration the time of year, weather forecast and outdoor terrain. It is the responsibility of each participant to complete the event within the rules and regulations stated by Bogathon. Anyone breaching these rules and regulations may be removed from the event without refund. By booking a Bogathon event, you acknowledge that you have read, understood, and agreed to these Terms and Conditions. Failure to comply with these Terms may result in the cancellation of your booking without a refund.